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Should Michigan residents commemorate divorce with a selfie?

Everyone looks at the idea of ending a marriage differently. Some individuals may think that everyone should try to work through their problems and stay together no matter what, while others may understand that not all marriages are meant to last. The manner in which a person approaches his or her divorce can have a considerable impact on how the process moves forward, and many people find success in striving for amicable cases.

Personal details may play bigger role in divorce than statistics

Many individuals, including Michigan residents, may scoff at the idea of successful marriages. Though it may seem snide and cynical to believe that a marriage cannot remain happy forever, this idea may be common due to the continued use of outdated statistics relating to divorce. In fact, individuals may do better to simply assess their personal circumstances when it comes to the potential success of a relationship.

After divorce, life changes could affect support payment ability

Though ending their marriage may be a necessary step for some individuals, this event can cause additional challenges in some cases. For instance, after the divorce, one parent may be required to pay child support to the custodial parent. Though the terms of such support are based on many factors, those factors could change over time. As a result, some Michigan residents may find themselves having a difficult time keeping up with payments.

Bakers and lawyers may both have roles in Michigan divorce cases

Using cake to mark a milestone in life is a tradition that many people take to heart. However, it may come as a surprise to some that many individuals are now using cake to mark a situation that is not always considered a high point: divorce. This use for the sweet treat is apparently being carried out by more than a few individuals, and some Michigan residents may find themselves considering a cake of their own.

Lack of communication may be divorce trigger in Michigan

Almost everyone has witnessed a married couple arguing or have been the conflicting couple themselves. Disagreements and fights are often considered a common factor in any relationship. However, some couples may appear to never raise their voices to one another or hardly argue at all. Though some Michigan residents may consider these individuals the perfect type of couple, silent couples could also be heading toward divorce.

A divorce gone awry

You may have seen movies like this: A man tries to divorce his vengeful and uncooperative ex or vice versa. The ex, not wanting to give into the spouse’s demands refuses to answer the divorce papers and sits on them, causing an extremely long and difficult legal litigation process eventually ending up with our hero’s freedom and often a subsequent true-love relationship. Well, in reality, it’s not that complicated. Here’s why.


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