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Children's health care can be a significant issue in divorce

Couples in Michigan contemplating ending their marriages have many issues to consider. When children are involved, the number of issues compounds. A major issue and concern can be continuing health care coverage for everyone involved but especially for children. The current law stipulates that children involved in divorce or child custody cases be provided with health care through coverage offered by employment or a private program. A bill introduced in the state legislature proposes certain changes.

Divorce and finances

Many changes and adjustments must be made following a divorce in Michigan. Talk to a person who has been divorced, or who is going through a divorce, and ask what the biggest adjustment involved, and one may hear a response that involves finances. How well the adjustment went, or how badly, may be partly reflected in how good financial communication was during the marriage.

Things to consider if filing for divorce in the New Year

January is a popular month for ending marriages. The number of people seeking divorce spikes significantly after the holidays are over. Some Michigan couples decide to wait until this busy time of year is over to move forward with this process, while others find that the holiday season brings to light and emphasizes the issues that often indicate one or both parties are ready to divorce.

Divorce in 2019 presents tax challenges

As the new year begins, the change in alimony brought about by the tax law passed last year goes into full effect. The implications for couples considering divorce in Michigan are not inconsequential. Under the previous law, the person paying alimony was able to deduct the amount of alimony from his taxable income, and the recipient paid income tax on the amount received.

Affects of divorce on children can be tempered with co-parenting

People will agree that the best family situation for young children is to have both parents involved in a child's life. In the event of a divorce, this is not always easily accomplished. Involvement by both parents can contribute to improved academic performance and reduced behavior issues. This can be accomplished regardless of whether both parents live in the same house or not.

Divorce and post-divorce parenting

The decision to end a marriage when there are children involved is never easy nor is it often entered into lightly. While it may have a negative impact on a child's life in Michigan, it is not always best to remain together for the sake of one's children. This may seem to be a conundrum, but it can be resolved by successful post-divorce parenting.

Things to consider when considering divorce

Divorce in Michigan is still a reality for many marriages. It is seldom entered into without thought and consideration. Divorce is never something for which one wants to plan. But if the possibility of a divorce presents itself, there are certain steps a person can take to simplify the process and protect himself or herself.

Divorce petitions may initiate unexpected restrictions

The decision to divorce is seldom arrived at easily. When children are involved it may be considered even more carefully. Once a couple makes the decision to divorce in Michigan, they may want to proceed quickly with separation and unwinding their previously shared life. They may come up against some unexpected obstacles. There are certain restrictions put in place once a divorce petition is filed in order to protect the rights of all concerned.

Divorce, pets and property

Divorce can be a very contentious time in a couple's lives. There are so many issues to be settled in a divorce such as who gets the house, custody if there are children and division of assets. But who gets the family pet? In Michigan, about 62 percent of couples own a pet. Is there such a thing as pet custody?

Divorce over 50

In the United States, divorce in the general population is decreasing. However, divorce among the baby boomers, or those over 50, is actually on the increase. Twenty years ago, one in twenty couples over the age of 50 were divorcing, now it is one in four. The reasons for this increase are many.