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Real estate development potential in underused building

Traverse City continues to enjoy a surge in development as projects in the downtown area are undertaken and new opportunities still exist. There is a large building downtown that is unused and could present an interesting real estate investment opportunity. This part of Michigan is continuing to be a healthy market for potential investors.

2019 shaping up to be another good year for real estate

The holidays are over, and people are turning their attention to hopes and plans for 2019. Some of these plans include real estate purchases. According to local experts, the 2019 market in real estate will probably resemble the 2018 market. In northern Michigan, that spells good news as the local market was very healthy in 2018.

Farm land may be valuable real estate in northern Michigan

Real estate in the Traverse City region of Michigan continues to be a promising prospect. There are significant commercial and residential projects in the works. Another area that shows promise is in the farming industry. According to one real estate source, one of northern Michigan's biggest assets may be its farmland.

Community involvement in real estate development benefits all

Development continues in the Grand Traverse area in Michigan. An exciting real estate project was recently announced, and the community has an opportunity to invest in the project. The multi-million-dollar mixed-use building project is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2019. Community residents have an opportunity to buy in as part owners.

The real estate market is healthy in northern Michigan

Grand Traverse County, Michigan, and surrounding areas continues to be healthy environment for buying and selling property. Prices of single family homes in the region have largely seen an increase. The number of homes available has largely gone up while there has been a decrease in average days on the market (DOM). This all points to continued health in the real estate market.

Hotels are making an impact in Traverse City real estate

The hotel industry in the Traverse City area is experiencing a fair amount of activity. Properties for sale have been sold, and there are additional projects in the proposal phase. This points to increased growth and opportunity in the local hotel and corporate real estate industry in Michigan.