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Man charged with criminal law violations after chase

An encounter with police often means one's rights are on the line. Some law enforcement officers may overstep their boundaries to make an arrest or gather evidence. This is why it is important for Michigan citizens to know their rights concerning criminal law and where to turn for assistance if they feel their rights have been violated.

Evidence required to prove violation of criminal law

Parties involving young people and alcohol can quickly get out of hand in Michigan. In the current #metoo environment, charges of sexual assault are frequently reported. While sexual assault is a severe violation of criminal law, one must remember that a person is still presumed to be innocent and in order to find a person guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, prosecutors must produce significant proof of each element of the crime charged.

Criminal law violation can negatively impact the holiday

As the holiday season approaches the incidents of robbery and other crimes may be on the rise in Michigan. A reported theft from a Taco Bell in Michigan City appears to be one of them. A man arrested in the case is presumed innocent before the court and has important legal rights under the criminal law.

A driver's mistake could mean a DUI arrest for the other driver

Not every crash involving a drunk driver was the fault of the one who had been drinking before driving. Under Michigan law, that fact does not absolve the legally impaired driver of responsibility for drinking and driving. Even if the other driver receives a citation for the accident, the other driver could face a DUI arrest if police suspect him or her of driving under the influence.

Violation of criminal law probable in drug raid

The drug crisis continues to be a problem in Michigan and elsewhere around the country. Police have upped their efforts in recent months in an attempt to get a handle on the crisis. A recent raid occurred in the eastern part of the state on a recent Wednesday evening that may result in the violation of criminal law.

A child's birthday party becomes a criminal law case

The opioid crisis continues to plague Michigan and our nation and is permeating small, quiet communities everywhere. One of those communities is Utica, a small city north of Detroit. A child's birthday party was disrupted and went from a peaceful family gathering to a nightmare. It left a young man in need of someone experienced in handling serious criminal law cases.

Criminal defense: Hit-and-run accident results in formal charges

An early morning jog in Michigan turned out to be a bad way to start the day. A Wayne County Sheriff's Department employee was struck and killed during an early morning jog. The off-duty officer was allegedly struck by a vehicle and dragged for several feet in a hit-and-run accident. The driver of the vehicle is facing criminal charges.

Couple said to possess illegal drugs face criminal law charges

The opioid drug crisis continues to plague Michigan and the nation. Two people, a man and a woman, who own an assisted living facility in Oakland County, are facing criminal law charges after drugs and firearms were allegedly found on their property. The investigation was carried out by the Oakland County Narcotics Enforcement Team (NET).