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Divorcing without children in Michigan

When a couple is considering going through a divorce in Michigan, it is likely that they will have kids, and this is one of the main reasons why divorces can be so complicated. However, studies show that it is more common for couples to divorce without children, and it makes things considerably easier from a legal perspective.

Beware of a data trail in your divorce

Some couples are quite open with one another about their email and social media accounts, going so far as sharing the same account. Others are more circumspect, maintaining their separate accounts, but perhaps being a bit lax about password security.

Does divorce threaten your business?

When a person who owns a business faces divorce, the end of his or her marriage may also threaten the business itself, and many people who depend on the business. In most cases, the easiest and most effective way to prevent these potentially disastrous consequences is to protect the business using a prenuptial agreement, but many business owners do not have the foresight to do so, leaving the success of the business potentially dependent on the success of the marriage.

Finding long-term care plans for elderly parents ensures care

If you are an adult child of parents who are senior citizens, you may already be worried about your parents' care in the coming years. Still, broaching the subject with them can be a minefield in some families. Learn how you can open the doors of communication on estate planning and assure that your parents get the help that they need.

Is it too late to protect my business in divorce?

Your business is the result of late nights and early mornings. After years of hard work it would be devastating to see it lost in divorce. Unfortunately a large amount of business owners in Northern Michigan will face divorce at some point. Certain precautions can protect a business in divorce proceedings.