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Do not fall prey to these sneaky divorce tricks

One of the most common effects of getting a divorce is how it wreaks havoc on one or both spouse’s emotions. In turn, volatile emotions can lead to poor behavior. Sadly, many spouses use less-than-honest tactics to punish the other spouse or get revenge.

We want to share some of these behaviors with you to help you avoid falling prey to such tactics.

Commonly used divorce tricks

You should know that many sneaky divorce tactics do not appear to benefit the spouse who uses them and may actually harm them in a divorce. However, when feelings rule the day, many people ignore potential harm to themselves in favor of hurting the other spouse.

Before going forward, we want to caution you to avoid responding emotionally to any poor conduct your spouse may display. Losing control or lashing out over these matters could worsen your situation.

Causing delays. A spouse who delays the divorce process by filing many motions may be trying to harm you financially. After all, frequent delays typically increase the costs of divorcing.

Making accusations. A bitter spouse may also try to sully your character by accusing you of poor or harmful conduct like child abuse or drug abuse. However, most of the time, an experienced family law attorney can help you prove the other spouse lied.

Hiding assets. The age-old art of hiding assets from property division is one of the most common dirty divorce tricks. Fortunately, it is becoming much easier to uncover these tactics, especially with legal guidance.

Watching out for dirty tricks will not solve all your divorce issues. However, it can eliminate some of them, which can help if you want to end your marriage as quickly and painlessly as possible.