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Developing real estate in Traverse City requires many permits

In most Michigan cities, commercial real estate remains a lucrative prospect for those with time and money to invest. However, you must prepare to acquire the many building permits required in Grand Traverse County. Although these permits are necessary to comply with the county’s building code, it can feel like a hassle obtaining them. This particularly holds true for those new to commercial real estate development.

What are some examples of the required permits and documents?

The documents and permits that you need to procure depend upon several factors, such as your project and its location. As such, it’s critical to do comprehensive research when learning about Traverse City building permits.

Alternatively, you could work with a real estate lawyer who can inform you of your requirements or arrange to file for these permissions on your behalf. Some examples of the permits and documents you may need to draft before you kick off your project include the following:

  • A building permit application
  • An address permit (if the property does not have an address)
  • A driveway permit, when applicable
  • A soil and erosion permit
  • A septic and well or Department of Public Works (DPW) permit
  • Land use permits, if applicable
  • Two sets of building plans sealed by an architect or engineer
  • A commercial plan review completed and sealed by an architect or engineer
  • Fire department plan review

It sounds like a lot of work just to get started on your real estate project, but it’s not often as complicated as it seems. An experienced real estate attorney can provide reliable guidance as you look to get your Michigan development projects underway. Such guidance helps to minimize any obstacles you may otherwise face in your property development endeavors.