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Dealing with zoning laws in your Michigan construction projects

If you have experience in real estate, you already know how critical it is to do your due diligence before starting a new project. If you are new to developing real estate, it is smart to start learning how state and local laws will affect your projects.

Zoning issues are always relevant to those in real estate. If you break zoning ordinances, you could face many costly consequences like project delays. Unfortunately, zoning ordinances are complex and typically prone to change. How can you carry on with your projects without breaking these laws?

Increase your knowledge

You can easily research the zoning laws in your community on your computer or smartphone. State and local Michigan governments offer a wealth of knowledge online that is accessible 24/7. However, it will likely take some time to delve into this information alone. Although it is in your best interests to learn as much as you can, you would probably rather focus on your business interests.

Find a knowledgeable advocate

Fortunately, there is another way to both increase your knowledge and protect your development interests. Our attorneys believe that you will benefit from establishing a partnership with a law firm that always remains up to date with new and changing zoning laws. In addition to helping you  with zoning ordinances, cultivating a relationship with a real estate lawyer can protect you from other legal problems that may arise.

For example, if a neighboring property owner accuses you of developing outside of your property lines, if you already have an advocate on your team, you are already prepared to defend your side of the situation.

We urge you to continue reviewing our website content for additional information about zoning and land use ordinances.