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Character flaws may predict divorce

Michigan couples who are interested in each other may spend time getting to know each other. If they decide they are compatible, they may get married, promising to spend the rest of their lives together. When the marriage doesn’t work out and the couple decides to divorce, they may wonder what went wrong and how they missed those character flaws that wore down their relationship.

Some psychologists say there are certain qualities in a partner that seem innocent early on but may indicate trouble ahead and perhaps even signal the potential for physical or emotional abuse. For example, a partner who is prone to overreaction or bouts of temper may foreshadow a future of instability and tension. Likewise, living with a partner who refuses to apologize, does not take responsibility for his or her behavior, or immediately becomes defensive can be toxic.

Couples may be on their best behavior while dating, but one may still see in the other signs of selfishness or an expectation of being served without serving in return. If a partner holds grudges from years ago, it is likely that he or she will hold grudges against the spouse. A good sign that a potential spouse might have character flaws that could erode a future marriage is when the other partner must continually make excuses or accommodations for bad behavior.

No one is perfect, and it is possible that some open communication will bring these flaws to light so the couple can work on them together. However, when spouses are already seeing the escalation of personality clashes or violent characteristics, it is common for one partner to have questions about the divorce process. Reaching out to a Michigan family law attorney may provide answers to those questions and guidance in the most appropriate course of action.