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Don’t overlook residential real estate trends

Recent events may have complicated the ability of real estate analysts to accurately predict trends. Nevertheless, it may still be important for those involved in residential real estate development to be aware of the trends many experts expected to see throughout the year. As construction projects start up again, it may be more important than ever for contractors to work closely with planners and designers to create homes that will appeal to those with distinctive tastes.

Simplicity seems to be the going trend, whether in single family homes or condominiums. Following the Marie Kondo theme of holding onto only those things that bring happiness, more architects are creating simple, clean kitchen designs. Kitchens in modern homes are no longer the place where everything happens, and even essential appliances have convenient hiding places. Even the currently popular color scheme of black and white speaks to the minimalism new homeowners seek.

By contrast, new homes and condominiums seem to be reviving the use of the foyer. Architects are no longer creating a utilitarian entrance way. Instead, foyers are becoming more stylish and grander. Homebuyers seem to be looking for a foyer that makes a statement beyond a space to hang one’s coat.

These may seem like minor details in the grand scheme of residential real estate development. However, getting them right means working with skilled professionals in many areas of construction, design and development. This can also mean complications, disagreements and other complex issues that can slow down a job and use up valuable resources. Working with a skilled real estate attorney is a good way for real estate developers to minimize the potential for conflict and improve the chances of a smooth transaction.