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The risks of online estate planning

Life is fragile, and in uncertain times, some may realize the importance of planning for the future. This may include building an estate plan that will provide protection for loved ones at the end of a person’s life. While understanding the urgency of creating such a plan, it is important not to make an estate plan in haste as some may do when they turn to online and do-it-yourself estate planning tools.

Anyone can go online, print out a will template and fill in the blanks for a relatively small amount of money. However, how does the person know if he or she has completed the form correctly, such as complying with Michigan laws or protecting loved ones from devastating tax ramifications? In most cases, these and other such mistakes may only become evident after the testator has died and the family is left to sort out the problems.

One important advantage to having professional assistance with estate planning is that one can obtain personal guidance about the types of tools that are most appropriate for his or her situation. Online estate planning offers limited access to experienced professionals. This may leave the consumer making decisions based on incomplete information or unanswered questions.

For most people, estate planning is unfamiliar territory. Many who want to provide for their loved ones may not even know how to go about doing so. Having a skilled and experienced attorney working alongside can improve the chances of creating a complete and effective plan that will leave a lasting legacy.