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Early steps in developing residential real estate

Michigan real estate developers understand that planning a residential development project involves more than buying a piece of land and putting up houses, condos or apartments. A great deal of work must take place before a single shovel hits the dirt. Most real estate developers have many different entities who have a stake in the project, so it is wise for them to know the steps they must take to avoid any complications that may stall or jeopardize the completion of the project.

In fact, some real estate advocates recommend that developers make a checklist of their basic due diligence to avoid skipping important steps, such as dealing with easements on the property, issues with the title or zoning problems. Zoning may be one of the most complex matters to resolve before construction begins. A developer must be sure the projected plans do not violate land use rules, environmental protections and other factors.

Of course, a developer will need a current survey, and many find bird’s-eye views offer them more liability protection. If a residential real estate developer does not confirm that essential utilities will be available for future homes, the project may require massive changes in infrastructure. Michigan developers may also have to deal with oil or gas rights and the rights of any neighboring property owners.

These are only a few of the critical factors a residential real estate developer must deal with in the beginning phases of a project. Dealing with these issues early and resolving any conflicts before construction begins may save money as well as improving the chances of successfully completing the project. Fortunately for many developers, a skilled attorney can be an invaluable asset from the earliest stages of a project through its completion.