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Tips for a successful co-parenting relationship

During the holiday season, parents are determined to make their children happy. They purchase gifts, make special dinners and do whatever they can to prove their love.

This year is going to be more strenuous than usual—you and your husband are separating. There was no big blowout; you two just decided your marriage was over.

Now, you are anxious about the holidays. You and your soon-to-be ex-spouse haven’t discussed how you will share custody of your children yet, and with Christmas right around the corner, you realize now’s the time.

3 tips for co-parenting before, during and after the holiday

Communicating with your soon-to-be ex-spouse may be difficult, but it is essential for your family. It may be beneficial to show your children that although their parents are not married anymore, you two are a united co-parenting team.

  • Don’t get competitive
  • Try to stay relaxed and positive
  • Make new traditions

Once you and your spouse decide how you will spend the holiday, tell your children the plan. Informing them ahead of time may make them feel reassured.

Divorce after the holidays

Divorce is prevalent after Christmas. Some have dubbed the Monday after Christmas “Divorce Day” and the month of January as “Divorce Month” because of the increased number of calls attorneys receive during this time.

No matter when you decide to divorce, before, during, or after the holidays, it’s vital that you remain focused on what is best for your children.

After you and your co-parent tested out a shared custody plan for the holidays, you may understand what worked and what didn’t. Now, you might be ready to take the next step—finalizing your divorce and creating a custody agreement.