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Creating an effective parenting plan

Divorce can feel like a roller coaster with all of its ups and downs. Couples parting ways often have to figure out how they’re going to divide both tangible and non-tangible assets, but deciding how they are going to raise their children separately can be an even bigger hurdle.

Depending on a couple’s circumstances, a parenting plan can be a viable option to ensure both spouses can still support their children and play a role in their growth and development.

Considerations for an effective parenting plan

These are a few things divorcing spouses may want to consider when raising their children separately:

  • Where each parent will live: Sometimes, divorcing spouses want to keep a far distance between away from one another. However, if the parents want to keep the children in the same schools and be able to share equal time with them, they may want to think about what their children need in a community.
  • Which parent will be in charge of health care: Depending on a couple’s circumstances, one may have access to health insurance through their job while the other does not. This can determine what parent could be responsible for various health needs, including medical check-ups and emergencies.
  • Other financial responsibilities: On top of health care costs, parents may also need to decide who is covering what expenses for their children. This can include anything from extracurricular activities, daycare costs and even college funds.
  • What religion the children will be: If the divorcing couple does not share the same faith, they may have to consider what religion they prefer their child to practice.

Keeping the child’s best interests in mind

Divorce can be hard on families. However, when couples are creating their parenting plans, keeping the child’s best interests in mind can help them move through this challenging period and contribute to healthy growth and development. Parents in Michigan looking to establish custody may want to speak with a knowledgeable family law attorney. They can assist couples in developing a parenting plan that works for everyone and help them understand their legal options.