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Children’s health care can be a significant issue in divorce

Couples in Michigan contemplating ending their marriages have many issues to consider. When children are involved, the number of issues compounds. A major issue and concern can be continuing health care coverage for everyone involved but especially for children. The current law stipulates that children involved in divorce or child custody cases be provided with health care through coverage offered by employment or a private program. A bill introduced in the state legislature proposes certain changes.

A state representative has introduced a bill that would allow parents involved in a divorce proceeding to enroll their child or children in a public health care plan to meet the obligation of providing health care coverage. The bill was recently submitted to the Michigan House. The vote was unanimous in favor of approval. The bill now moves to the other chamber.

Health care is one of the issues foremost in people’s minds, according to recent media reports. When parents consider divorce, the well-being of children involved is typically of paramount concern, and if the availability of health care is in doubt, it can add to family stress.  This can add to the level of conflict witnessed by the child, which, in turn, can affect the child’s mental and physical health.

Most parents considering divorce in Michigan want to protect their children in every way possible. If stress and conflict in front of the children can be reduced, it can benefit everyone. This bill could remove a significant stressor from the situation. A person considering divorce in Michigan who may be concerned with child support and custody issues might benefit from a consultation with an experienced family law attorney. A lawyer can advise the client as to what legal options are available that enable a fair settlement for all involved.