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Estate planning can ease pain at a difficult time

Aretha Franklin passed away almost one year ago. At the time, it was believed that she had not left a will. Three documents appearing to be wills were recently found in her Michigan home. The discovery is likely to add to the complexity of settling the late singer's estate and also illustrates the benefit to comprehensive estate planning.

Estate planning and financial planning should be connected

Estate planning and financial planning are two terms that are frequently heard in Michigan. What many people may not understand is the interconnectedness of the two. People may believe they don't need a financial plan as they have an estate plan in place and vice versa. The reality is that one without the other could leave significant aspects of one's estate and family unprotected in the event of one's passing. Estate planning can serve as a comprehensive guide for what happens to one's assets, both financial and nonfinancial.

Children's health care can be a significant issue in divorce

Couples in Michigan contemplating ending their marriages have many issues to consider. When children are involved, the number of issues compounds. A major issue and concern can be continuing health care coverage for everyone involved but especially for children. The current law stipulates that children involved in divorce or child custody cases be provided with health care through coverage offered by employment or a private program. A bill introduced in the state legislature proposes certain changes.

How will the Michigan courts handle custody in divorce?

Ending your marriage means dealing with a lot of uncertainty. For many parents in Michigan who are unhappy in their marriage, divorce is the only real solution. However, divorce comes with a number of complications, including the fact that you may not have control over the outcome of the custody proceedings.

Real estate still booming in Northern Michigan

Summer is coming and Grand Traverse County is looking forward to a healthy tourist season. Northern Michigan is becoming a tourist destination, and this is contributing to strong growth in the commercial real estate industry in and around the area. Much of this business is food-centered as hungry tourists must be fed.