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Estate planning crucial for terminally ill Michigan residents

When a loved one is facing a terminal illness, it can affect all family members and the way in which life is lived day to day. Michigan residents who are in ill health need to think about estate planning and getting the proper documents in order as soon as possible. It will not only give them peace of mind but will also help their family members to focus on their loved one in the moment without having to think about the future.

There are a couple documents that are necessary to have in place for everyone, but especially for those who are going through a serious illness. An advanced care directive allows a trusted individual to make health care decisions for those who are unable to do so. It can contain specific instructions regarding end of life situations like managing pain or resuscitation. 

Another important document in an all-encompassing estate plan is a durable power of attorney. The person chosen to oversee this will be able to take care of financial tasks such as paying bills. If a terminally ill individual has already set up a trust, it’s important that a successor trustee be named to look after the trust particulars. Other necessary steps to be taken are to review and update any existing wills, ensure assets are properly titled, go over any beneficiaries named to make sure everyone the grantor wishes to leave something to is included, and make copies of all documents and statements.

A compassionate Michigan attorney who is experienced in law regarding estate planning will be able to help his or her client with these tasks. A person who is terminally ill should be able to focus on spending quality time with loved ones. Knowing his or her legal documents are in order may help make this possible.