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Economic opportunity contributing to real estate growth

Northern Michigan is enjoying a renaissance and Grand Traverse County is reaping some of the benefit. Traverse City has long been a tourist destination for its beautiful scenery, including both forests and beaches. People have come to the area for vacation but now the perception of the area is changing. It is becoming an appealing location for businesses, and this is having a positive impact on the real estate environment.

Traverse City is seeing economic growth that is reflected in a growing population. Young professionals today appreciate access to both economic opportunity and relaxing leisure activities that are not necessarily available in the densely populated and busy cities. Successful development in the area has been underway for some time and can be seen in the development of Traverse City State Hospital into the Grand Traverse Commons project, which is a multi-use development that has become home to a variety of businesses.

A new direction for business in the area may revolve around water. This could include educational and business opportunities for freshwater studies. Some interest in this already exists and will likely grow to include additional real estate activity on both the business and residential side.

Anyone interested in investing in real estate in the Grand Traverse County area, either business or residential, could benefit from consulting with an attorney experienced in real estate law. A knowledgeable attorney can review pertinent contracts and help to negotiate the best deal for his or her client. Economic opportunity exists in Traverse City, and a real estate lawyer can help his or her client make a wise investment that in turn can benefit the entire community.