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Things to consider if filing for divorce in the New Year

January is a popular month for ending marriages. The number of people seeking divorce spikes significantly after the holidays are over. Some Michigan couples decide to wait until this busy time of year is over to move forward with this process, while others find that the holiday season brings to light and emphasizes the issues that often indicate one or both parties are ready to divorce.

Often, the Monday after New Year’s Day is known as divorce day. People who have been considering this step are anxious to move forward, and divorce attorneys often see a spike in phone calls that first week back to work. However ready a person is to end his or her marriage, there are some important things to consider when moving forward with this process. One of the most beneficial things a person can do is to not rush things but take time to think through all decisions, weigh options and consider how these things will affect his or her future.

Additionally, parents will want to think about how divorce will affect their children. Child custody is a sensitive matter that involves complex emotions, and parents will want to explore all of the various custody options available to them. Kids are more resilient than parents realize, and it is prudent to consider their long-term interests during the divorce process.

If moving forward with divorce in 2019, there are various factors to consider. Being prepared and knowing what to expect can help a Michigan couple avoid complications and issues that can affect their future. There is often a sense of urgency when filing for divorce in January, but there is significant benefit in slowing down and approaching things thoughtfully and carefully.