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What are the most common reasons for filing for divorce?

It’s hard to make the decision to pull the plug on your marriage — even when it’s a bad one. There are many reasons why someone might decide to remain in an unhappy marriage. For example, many parents decide to stay together for the sake of their children’s happiness. In addition, some spouses believe that they would struggle financially as a result of going through a divorce.

By understanding the likely outcome of filing for divorce in Michigan, you will be better equipped to make an informed decision. You should also take time to read about thebelow most common reasons why people decide to take action and file for a divorce.

Emotional disconnection

Many spouses unfortunately drift apart over the years and no longer have empathy for each other because they lack an emotional connection. As a spouse, this can make you feel as though you are no longer loved. You may decide that you would rather lead your own life rather than live with someone with whom you no longer share love.

Imbalance of power

A marriage should be all about compromise, with a good balance between the needs of each spouse. As people grow and evolve, they may start to realize that their spouse is deeply controlling and holds all the power in the relationship. As a result, they might conclude that they would like to live independently of this manipulation and control.


Infidelity in a marriage usually has a root cause. This cause could be a lack of intimacy in the relationship or that the unfaithful spouse feels that they are not loved and supported. Infidelity often arises because of a deep need for connection that is not being fulfilled.


Money is a symbol of power and can often impact a couple’s emotional security. If one spouse loses a job, this can lead to tension in the marriage.

If you are considering getting a divorce here in Michigan, you may want to list the reasons for your dissatisfaction in the marriage. This can help you to logically assess the situation so that you can decide whether to file for divorce.