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The new year is a good time to consider estate planning

Another year is coming to a close in Michigan and the new year is looming. With the approach of New Year's Day, people frequently review the past and consider plans for the future. Among those plans may be thoughts of estate planning. But what exactly does that entail and who should be concerned about it?

Farm land may be valuable real estate in northern Michigan

Real estate in the Traverse City region of Michigan continues to be a promising prospect. There are significant commercial and residential projects in the works. Another area that shows promise is in the farming industry. According to one real estate source, one of northern Michigan's biggest assets may be its farmland.

Evidence required to prove violation of criminal law

Parties involving young people and alcohol can quickly get out of hand in Michigan. In the current #metoo environment, charges of sexual assault are frequently reported. While sexual assault is a severe violation of criminal law, one must remember that a person is still presumed to be innocent and in order to find a person guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, prosecutors must produce significant proof of each element of the crime charged.

What are the most common reasons for filing for divorce?

It's hard to make the decision to pull the plug on your marriage — even when it's a bad one. There are many reasons why someone might decide to remain in an unhappy marriage. For example, many parents decide to stay together for the sake of their children's happiness. In addition, some spouses believe that they would struggle financially as a result of going through a divorce.

Estate planning can be a priceless gift

As the year draws to an end in Michigan, one's thoughts may be drawn to a review of the year almost passed and plans for the year about to begin. Plans for the new year may include taking steps to protect one's family for the future. This may include establishing an estate plan to help ensure that one's final wishes are carried out and that loved ones are provided for. What is entailed in estate planning?