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Document reviews can assist with successful estate planning

Death is something that comes to everyone in the end in Michigan. Even the co-creator of super heroes is not immune. Stan Lee, the co-creator of such beloved characters as Spider-Man and Captain America recently passed away following a long illness. It’s not yet known if he left a will or trust but he had many business managers over the years and had disputes and disagreements with them that resulted in their terminations. A possible lack of cohesive estate planning may cause confusion in settling the estate.

It is possible that multiple documents exist regarding the dispensation of his likely considerable estate. One example involves a dispute he had with his daughter. He apparently complained that she was spending too much money and he had a document drawn up and notarized. A short time later, he took the document back.

It’s possible that there are multiple versions of similar documents in existence. Legal fees involved in resolving issues with the estate could grow to a large amount and may be charged to the estate. To prevent confusion regarding one’s final wishes, documents should be periodically reviewed and updated.

A person in Michigan who is considering creating or revising an estate plan should consult with an experienced attorney. Estate planning needs to be changed as personal and business situations change. Keeping these documents up to date can ensure that property and asset distribution is carried out according to one’s wishes. A knowledgeable attorney can review a person’s assets, family situation and other relevant factors to help ensure that nothing is overlooked and that one’s final wishes are carried out successfully.