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Criminal law violation can negatively impact the holiday

As the holiday season approaches the incidents of robbery and other crimes may be on the rise in Michigan. A reported theft from a Taco Bell in Michigan City appears to be one of them. A man arrested in the case is presumed innocent before the court and has important legal rights under the criminal law.

The robbery is said to have occurred early one evening. According to the police report, a man held a gun to the head of an employee and demanded money. The worker reportedly complied with the demand by opening the register and handing the suspect the cash. The man is alleged to have gotten into a car driven by a woman, who then left the scene. The amount of money allegedly taken was not reported.

Investigators apparently followed up on leads and information and detained the two suspects after acquiring a warrant for their arrests. The man faces charges for robbery and the woman faces charges of aiding and abetting. The charges are level 3 felonies.

A person arrested and charged with violating criminal law in Michigan faces a difficult struggle, which can be scary and intimidating. A defendant in such circumstances should consult with a criminal law attorney at the very first opportunity. It also makes sense to limit interactions with law enforcement personnel until a lawyer has had an opportunity to intervene on the accused’s behalf. An experienced lawyer can ensure that a client is fully aware of all applicable legal rights. The attorney can review the facts of the case, advise the client regarding the defense options available and focus on achieving the best possible result.