November 2018 Archives

Community involvement in real estate development benefits all

Development continues in the Grand Traverse area in Michigan. An exciting real estate project was recently announced, and the community has an opportunity to invest in the project. The multi-million-dollar mixed-use building project is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2019. Community residents have an opportunity to buy in as part owners.

Criminal law violation can negatively impact the holiday

As the holiday season approaches the incidents of robbery and other crimes may be on the rise in Michigan. A reported theft from a Taco Bell in Michigan City appears to be one of them. A man arrested in the case is presumed innocent before the court and has important legal rights under the criminal law.

Document reviews can assist with successful estate planning

Death is something that comes to everyone in the end in Michigan. Even the co-creator of super heroes is not immune. Stan Lee, the co-creator of such beloved characters as Spider-Man and Captain America recently passed away following a long illness. It's not yet known if he left a will or trust but he had many business managers over the years and had disputes and disagreements with them that resulted in their terminations. A possible lack of cohesive estate planning may cause confusion in settling the estate.

The real estate market is healthy in northern Michigan

Grand Traverse County, Michigan, and surrounding areas continues to be healthy environment for buying and selling property. Prices of single family homes in the region have largely seen an increase. The number of homes available has largely gone up while there has been a decrease in average days on the market (DOM). This all points to continued health in the real estate market.