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Violation of criminal law probable in drug raid

The drug crisis continues to be a problem in Michigan and elsewhere around the country. Police have upped their efforts in recent months in an attempt to get a handle on the crisis. A recent raid occurred in the eastern part of the state on a recent Wednesday evening that may result in the violation of criminal law.

Police entered two apartments where they allegedly found a large amount of drugs, including narcotics. The raid was conducted with the co-operation of the FBI following a lengthy investigation. Four people were arrested on suspicion of drug possession.

During the raid, police detained several people whom they later determined were not involved. Those detained said they were cleaning the apartment on the behalf of a friend and were released after police could make no direct connection between them and the apartment where the drugs were allegedly found. The investigation is ongoing as police continue to search the building and interview witnesses.

Being charged with a drug offense is a very serious situation, and someone in Michigan facing such charges has a right to a criminal defense and is presumed innocent until proven guilty. A person has a constitutional right to a jury trial where he or she must be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. A suspect also has a constitutional right to be represented in such a trial by a defense attorney. A defense attorney can advise the client as to what his or her rights are under the criminal law code and what legal options are available.