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Affects of divorce on children can be tempered with co-parenting

People will agree that the best family situation for young children is to have both parents involved in a child’s life. In the event of a divorce, this is not always easily accomplished. Involvement by both parents can contribute to improved academic performance and reduced behavior issues. This can be accomplished regardless of whether both parents live in the same house or not.

Michigan organizations are leading efforts to assist dads who may be facing the challenges of parenting in the aftermath of a divorce. These organizations work to help parents cope with the financial and emotional strains that can accompany a family breakup. Dads can come together and learn about services that are available and parenting options that can be applied to maintain strong connections with their children following a divorce.

One of the options that can be applied to maintain parental relationships is co-parenting. Co-parenting allows both parents to remain fully involved in their children’s lives and can give them a feeling of security and stability. Both parents can remain involved with health care, education, after school events and other aspects of their children’s lives.

A person facing divorce in Michigan who is concerned about remaining involved in one’s child’s life following the divorce may wish to speak with a family law attorney. A knowledgeable attorney can review the family situation and advise the client as to the different parenting options that are available. Children deserve to have both parents involved in their lives, if that is at all possible.