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Affects of divorce on children can be tempered with co-parenting

People will agree that the best family situation for young children is to have both parents involved in a child's life. In the event of a divorce, this is not always easily accomplished. Involvement by both parents can contribute to improved academic performance and reduced behavior issues. This can be accomplished regardless of whether both parents live in the same house or not.

A driver's mistake could mean a DUI arrest for the other driver

Not every crash involving a drunk driver was the fault of the one who had been drinking before driving. Under Michigan law, that fact does not absolve the legally impaired driver of responsibility for drinking and driving. Even if the other driver receives a citation for the accident, the other driver could face a DUI arrest if police suspect him or her of driving under the influence.

Violation of criminal law probable in drug raid

The drug crisis continues to be a problem in Michigan and elsewhere around the country. Police have upped their efforts in recent months in an attempt to get a handle on the crisis. A recent raid occurred in the eastern part of the state on a recent Wednesday evening that may result in the violation of criminal law.

How to cope with dementia and estate planning

People in Michigan and the rest of the country are living longer. While for the most part, this is a good thing, deteriorating health, and especially dementia, can cause financial and other complications as people age. In the case of dementia, this can be particularly true where estate planning issues are concerned.

Estate planning can protect one's assets and family

People tend to be aware that having an estate plan is a good idea as one gets older. The recent prominent deaths of a couple of celebrities who did not have estate plans served to drive that issue home with many people. While most people in Michigan do not have estates as large as those of Prince or Aretha Franklin, the headaches that could be caused by passing without a will might not be insignificant. Nor does one need to be older before considering estate planning.