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Divorce and post-divorce parenting

The decision to end a marriage when there are children involved is never easy nor is it often entered into lightly. While it may have a negative impact on a child’s life in Michigan, it is not always best to remain together for the sake of one’s children. This may seem to be a conundrum, but it can be resolved by successful post-divorce parenting.

A recent study in another state found that children of divorce can thrive when parenting is shared as equally as possible. This was found to be true regardless of the age of the children, but sadly, courts do not seem to be keeping up with these findings. For example, few allow the non-custodial parent to have physical care of the child on a school night. This disallows that parent from helping with homework or day-to-day tasks such as getting ready for school, ensuring homework is done and so on. Such involvement can help reassure a child that both parents are involved, caring and supportive.

While the study was conducted in one state, it was done by a national organization that believes many of its findings may apply across the country. Courts may not necessarily be acting in the best interest of the child. Times have changed and so have parental roles in children’s lives.

A parent considering divorce in Michigan may benefit from consulting with an experienced family law attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer may be able to assess the family situation and assist in a parenting plan that can be beneficial to all the parties involved. The best interest of the child should be paramount.