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Couple said to possess illegal drugs face criminal law charges

The opioid drug crisis continues to plague Michigan and the nation. Two people, a man and a woman, who own an assisted living facility in Oakland County, are facing criminal law charges after drugs and firearms were allegedly found on their property. The investigation was carried out by the Oakland County Narcotics Enforcement Team (NET).

NET conducted a search that reportedly turned up a large amount of illegal drugs and firearms. The  drugs allegedly found included marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and morphine. Five firearms and cash were also reportedly seized in the search. The residents of the home did not show signs of neglect or ill health.

The two people arrested in the case are facing multiple charges. The gentleman is facing charges of intent to deliver illegal drugs and illegal possession of firearms. The woman is being charged with possession of illegal drugs. The gentleman posted bond and was released. The woman failed to appear for a court hearing and the authorities are looking for her.

Anyone facing criminal law charges in Michigan may be frightened and unsure of where to turn for answers.  Those charged with a crime are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty — beyond a reasonable doubt — in a court of law. A person so charged is guaranteed a trial in front of a jury of his or her peers. That individual is also guaranteed access to a criminal defense, and both of these guarantees are enshrined in the Constitution of the United States. A knowledgeable defense attorney may assist a defendant with understanding the charges and assisting a client to understand the available legal options.