August 2018 Archives

Death of Aretha Franklin reminds of the need for estate planning

The death of a prominent citizen of Detroit emphasizes the need of establishing an estate plan. Aretha Franklin recently passed away at the age of 76 and she had apparently done no estate planning. It is said that she did not have a will or trust in place, which may complicate the settling of her estate. She is survived by four sons who have all listed themselves as interested parties. A niece has also requested to be appointed as the personal representative of the estate.

Criminal defense: Hit-and-run accident results in formal charges

An early morning jog in Michigan turned out to be a bad way to start the day. A Wayne County Sheriff's Department employee was struck and killed during an early morning jog. The off-duty officer was allegedly struck by a vehicle and dragged for several feet in a hit-and-run accident. The driver of the vehicle is facing criminal charges.

Couple said to possess illegal drugs face criminal law charges

The opioid drug crisis continues to plague Michigan and the nation. Two people, a man and a woman, who own an assisted living facility in Oakland County, are facing criminal law charges after drugs and firearms were allegedly found on their property. The investigation was carried out by the Oakland County Narcotics Enforcement Team (NET).

Becoming new parents is a time to consider estate planning

Becoming new parents can be one of the most exciting steps in a young family's life in Michigan. While there are so many things to be considered and provided for the new family member, establishing or reviewing an estate plan should not be neglected. While extensive planning may have gone into expanding a family, it is difficult to plan for the unexpected. That is where estate planning can help.

Estate planning: A tool in the battle against substance abuse

Planning an estate can have many facets to cover many beneficiaries and many situations in Michigan. Trusts can be put in place to help provide for handicapped or mentally disabled relatives. There is a third category where trusts may be the right option. This would include addicted or mentally ill children that a family wants to provide for in their estate planning.