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Things to consider when considering divorce

Divorce in Michigan is still a reality for many marriages. It is seldom entered into without thought and consideration. Divorce is never something for which one wants to plan. But if the possibility of a divorce presents itself, there are certain steps a person can take to simplify the process and protect himself or herself.

One wants to give careful consideration to the situation before making the decision to divorce. A divorce can be stressful, prolonged and costly. If children are involved, their best interests must be taken into consideration. What will be the best custody arrangement for the family, and who will be the custodial parent? How will assets, including the family home, be divided?

Another thing to consider is to get as organized as possible. If items such as bank statements, brokerage statements and tax returns are organized and readily available, this could hasten the process. Additional documents to keep track of would include retirement account information and mortgage information. Another good piece of information to have available is a credit report from the three credit reporting services.

If a person in Michigan is considering taking the difficult step of divorce, he or she could benefit from speaking with an experienced family law attorney. A lawyer experienced in dealing with divorce may be able to help assess the situation and advise his or her client regarding the options available. A knowledgeable divorce attorney can guide his or her client through the process and help his or her client to arrive at the best settlement possible for all concerned.