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Format for wills may now include digital media

Digital media is having a more significant impact on people's lives in Michigan every day. There are new applications and new games.  Now there is a court decision that could even impact the authenticity of wills. A young man committed suicide and said in a handwritten note that a message on his phone conveyed his final wishes.

Things to consider when considering divorce

Divorce in Michigan is still a reality for many marriages. It is seldom entered into without thought and consideration. Divorce is never something for which one wants to plan. But if the possibility of a divorce presents itself, there are certain steps a person can take to simplify the process and protect himself or herself.

Estate planning is for younger people too

Young people entering the workforce in Michigan and just beginning their professional and family life may see estate planning as something to worry about further down the road. The reality is that, like planning for retirement, it is better to start estate planning sooner rather than later. There are some common misconceptions around this.

Estate planning considerations for home owners

When many Americans consider their assets, they consider "stuff" like cars, art and money in accounts. Many people across Michigan neglect estate planning when they feel their assets are too limited to require a will. However, these people often forget about one of the most crucial and complex assets: their homes.