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Establishing powers of attorney important part of estate planning

As long as one remains healthy, financial and medical decisions are just a normal part of daily life. However, if the individual suffers an accident or medical condition and is unable to make sound decisions, it will be necessary for someone else to step in. With the proper estate planning documents in place, the individual is able to specify who should be the one to step in; however, without these documents, it will be left up to the Michigan courts to appoint someone.

Wills assist in taking care of loved ones

Taking care of one's family is perhaps at the top of the list of important things that individuals throughout Michigan are concerned about. On a daily basis, one makes sure that the children and other family members are taken care of, important matters around the house are dealt with and any pressing matters are addressed. Yet, all too many individuals fail to realize the importance of wills in taking care of one's family.

Key individuals in estate planning

Over the years, one begins to realize that life does not go on indefinitely. The simple fact is that while each Michigan resident would like to think that he or she has plenty of time left, no one really knows for certain. As such, before it is too late, it is important to make sure that loved ones are taken care of through the estate planning process.

Is it too late to protect my business in divorce?

Your business is the result of late nights and early mornings. After years of hard work it would be devastating to see it lost in divorce. Unfortunately a large amount of business owners in Northern Michigan will face divorce at some point. Certain precautions can protect a business in divorce proceedings.

Estate planning is more than just giving assets away

The typical Michigan resident spends his or her life working, raising a family and planning for the future. As one ages, thoughts of how assets should be distributed upon death come to mind. For some families, giving part of the inheritance to beneficiaries prior to one's death makes sense. However, for estate planning as well as other legal purposes, one may want to reconsider that option.

Financial planning as part of a Michigan divorce

Financial security is an important consideration when making long-term decisions. In some cases, individuals may decide that it is better to remain in an unhappy marriage rather than face the financial implications associated with a divorce. However, the majority of unhappy Michigan couples discover that while divorce does bring about a number of changes, once the financial aspects are addressed, each individual is able to move on and begin to create the life each desires.