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Proposed bill could affect Michigan divorce and child custody

Tea parties, baseball games and homework are all an important part of a child’s life. In some Michigan families, both parents are available to participate in and be a part of these activities on a daily basis. However, in other families, these activities are often split between the parents as the result of divorce.

When parents decide to divorce, there are many things that must be considered. Perhaps one of the most important items is the specific terms of the child custody agreement. Spending time with the child is often a concern for each parent and a vital part of the child’s life.

When one thinks of the typical child custody agreement, thoughts typically turn to the traditional arrangement where the child usually lives with one parent, and the other parent gets the child every other weekend and then for an extended period during the summer. In many families, this scenario is what works for both parents and child. However, in other families, one parent feels as if he or she is not able to spend enough time with the child.

However, there is a now a bill before the Michigan House of Representatives that will alter this status quo if enacted into law. Under this new bill, the standards will be joint custody in which both parents share equal time with the child. In other words, the child would spend approximately the same number of nights with one parent as with the other.

For some parents, this proposed bill appears to be good news; for others, it appears to be even more cause for concern. Michigan couples considering divorce, or in the midst of the process, will want to keep an eye on the progress of this bill. Experienced legal counsel can assist the individual in navigating the divorce and child custody process and determining what is best in each case.

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