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Should Michigan residents commemorate divorce with a selfie?

Everyone looks at the idea of ending a marriage differently. Some individuals may think that everyone should try to work through their problems and stay together no matter what, while others may understand that not all marriages are meant to last. The manner in which a person approaches his or her divorce can have a considerable impact on how the process moves forward, and many people find success in striving for amicable cases.

Michigan residents may be interested in a recent divorce trend that shows just how happy some individuals are to end their marriages. A recent report indicated that numerous former couples are now taking selfies, or self portrait photographs, together after their divorces are finalized. The results tend to show two people who are more than happy to be coupled no longer.

Many of the captions for the photos offer sentiments of being happier than they were while married and of having best wishes for their ex-spouses. Some individuals even used the pictures to mark an occasion that was a long time coming. One former couple stated they had been separated for six years before officially getting divorced. Others used their photographs to mark a friendly and respectful dissolution of marriage.

These couples may offer others who are divorcing an insight into the idea that ending a marriage does not always have to be an ongoing battle. Many Michigan residents may have the ability to end their relationships amicably and save everyone involved time while also sparing some feelings. Parties interested in finding respectful approaches to their cases may wish to consult with experienced divorce attorneys on possible legal options.

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