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Personal details may play bigger role in divorce than statistics

Many individuals, including Michigan residents, may scoff at the idea of successful marriages. Though it may seem snide and cynical to believe that a marriage cannot remain happy forever, this idea may be common due to the continued use of outdated statistics relating to divorce. In fact, individuals may do better to simply assess their personal circumstances when it comes to the potential success of a relationship.

Hearing that half of all marriages end in divorce is relatively common. Though this statistic may have been true at some point, that percentage does not necessarily hold up today. However, many parties continue to present this statistic as fact rather than acknowledging that there are actually fewer divorces today than in the past. Unfortunately, many people continue to believe that, if they get married, there is only a 50-50 chance that their marriage will succeed.

Luckily, many individuals may have closer to a 75 percent chance at a successful marriage. Of course, personal aspects of each individual’s situation can have an impact on whether the relationship lasts. Therefore, parties may wish to consider their own situations in order to determine whether their personal relationships may work. 

If circumstances do result in some Michigan residents considering divorce, they may wish to explore their legal options. A variety of decisions must be made during the process, and individuals may benefit from better understanding what they may face. Discussing concerns, goals and specific strategies with experienced attorneys may help interested parties gain more knowledge on this legal avenue and how it could affect them.

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