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Bakers and lawyers may both have roles in Michigan divorce cases

Using cake to mark a milestone in life is a tradition that many people take to heart. However, it may come as a surprise to some that many individuals are now using cake to mark a situation that is not always considered a high point: divorce. This use for the sweet treat is apparently being carried out by more than a few individuals, and some Michigan residents may find themselves considering a cake of their own.

Apparently, bakeries in various locations throughout the world have started cashing in on this trend. One bakery owner stated that divorce cakes and cakes for specific marital problems have made their way into the selection available to customers. Not only do the divorcing parties themselves take part, but the owner also stated that one of her customers was a practicing lawyer who sent cakes to clients.

Presumably, these desserts can feature whatever reasonable designs the customer desires. Some have been decorated with phrases like “Free at Last” and “Just Divorced.” One woman even spread pieces of broken plastic guitars over her cake to celebrate her divorce from an unfaithful musician.

Celebrating a typically stressful time may help many Michigan residents face divorce in a more positive manner. As a result, they may find that they are less likely to allow negative emotions to cloud their judgment during times of important decision-making. While working with a baker to make their celebratory cake may prove freeing, they may also want to consider enlisting the assistance of experienced attorneys to increase their chances of navigating legal proceedings successfully.

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