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After divorce, life changes could affect support payment ability

Though ending their marriage may be a necessary step for some individuals, this event can cause additional challenges in some cases. For instance, after the divorce, one parent may be required to pay child support to the custodial parent. Though the terms of such support are based on many factors, those factors could change over time. As a result, some Michigan residents may find themselves having a difficult time keeping up with payments.

Numerous parents in another state are currently facing serious predicaments due to falling behind on support payments of their own. Reports stated that authorities conducted a sweep in which they served arrest warrants for individuals owing substantial amounts of unpaid child support. The operation spanned over the course of three days and resulted in 31 arrests. 

The combined total amount of owed support from all individuals exceeded $433,000. The parent who owed the most had accrued almost $70,000 in back support. For individuals who owed the least, their amounts still exceeded $1,000. Authorities hope that these operations will encourage parents to take care of their support obligations. 

Because no one wants to face jail time and other negative consequences for not paying child support, Michigan residents may wish to determine their options for staying out of such a situation. Though support terms may have been deemed appropriate at the time of the divorce, some individuals may face job loss or other issues that contribute to their inability to make payments. In such cases, parties may be able to seek modifications to agreements, and information on this route may prove useful.

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