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Understanding wills may be vital to estate administration

Many individuals are often bequeathed assets from loved ones’ estates. Though much of the information pertaining to inheritances and other estate aspects is contained in wills, some surviving loved ones may face issues if they do not understand or even hear the contents of those documents. Michigan residents may be interested in one family’s predicament currently underway in another state.

Reports indicated that a man was left the entirety of his grandparents’ estate. However, a lawyer apparently took steps to have property belonging to the estate gathered for auction. The man did not consent to auctioning off any of his grandparents’ assets. At the time of the report, the man and his family did not fully understand what was happening.

Depending on the circumstances, the lawyer carrying out actions for the estate could be acting in a necessary capacity. If the will states that assets should be sold to cover outstanding debts, it is possible the lawyer is simply doing as the will indicates. However, the surviving family may find it prudent to see a copy of the will themselves in order to fully understand the decedents’ wishes.

Because certain issues can arise when it comes to handling an estate, surviving loved ones may do well to gain an understanding about the pertinent aspects of the estate. If concerns do arise over whether the administration is being handled correctly, those affected may wish to consult with experienced attorneys. In Michigan, these legal professionals can help interested parties better understand their options and how to potentially address problems with their loved ones’ estates and wills.

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