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Evidence required to prove violation of criminal law

Parties involving young people and alcohol can quickly get out of hand in Michigan. In the current #metoo environment, charges of sexual assault are frequently reported. While sexual assault is a severe violation of criminal law, one must remember that a person is still presumed to be innocent and in order to find a person guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, prosecutors must produce significant proof of each element of the crime charged.

In a recent party in a home in Alpena two teenaged girls claimed they had been assaulted at a party where drugs and alcohol were said to be present. The girls named three young men as their assailants. The girls claimed they were drugged and then assaulted though one girl had no recollection of the actual attack. She claims that she woke up in a bed next to one of the accused assailants and was not wearing underwear.

What are the most common reasons for filing for divorce?

It's hard to make the decision to pull the plug on your marriage — even when it's a bad one. There are many reasons why someone might decide to remain in an unhappy marriage. For example, many parents decide to stay together for the sake of their children's happiness. In addition, some spouses believe that they would struggle financially as a result of going through a divorce.

By understanding the likely outcome of filing for divorce in Michigan, you will be better equipped to make an informed decision. You should also take time to read about thebelow most common reasons why people decide to take action and file for a divorce.

Estate planning can be a priceless gift

As the year draws to an end in Michigan, one's thoughts may be drawn to a review of the year almost passed and plans for the year about to begin. Plans for the new year may include taking steps to protect one's family for the future. This may include establishing an estate plan to help ensure that one's final wishes are carried out and that loved ones are provided for. What is entailed in estate planning?

Many pieces of the pie that may go into an estate plan are fairly obvious. What are one's assets and are they wholly owned or held in partnership? Should there be a trust? Are there minor children to be provided for and who are the designated guardians for them? Another question that may come up regards one's values.

Community involvement in real estate development benefits all

Development continues in the Grand Traverse area in Michigan. An exciting real estate project was recently announced, and the community has an opportunity to invest in the project. The multi-million-dollar mixed-use building project is scheduled to begin in the summer of 2019. Community residents have an opportunity to buy in as part owners.

The name of the project is Commongrounds, and it is being built as a real estate cooperative. It will be located near Boardman Avenue in Traverse City. The fact that the project is deemed a real estate cooperative means that the community will have the opportunity to invest in the project and participate in building development. This provides a benefit to both tenant-owners and members of the community.

Criminal law violation can negatively impact the holiday

As the holiday season approaches the incidents of robbery and other crimes may be on the rise in Michigan. A reported theft from a Taco Bell in Michigan City appears to be one of them. A man arrested in the case is presumed innocent before the court and has important legal rights under the criminal law.

The robbery is said to have occurred early one evening. According to the police report, a man held a gun to the head of an employee and demanded money. The worker reportedly complied with the demand by opening the register and handing the suspect the cash. The man is alleged to have gotten into a car driven by a woman, who then left the scene. The amount of money allegedly taken was not reported.

Document reviews can assist with successful estate planning

Death is something that comes to everyone in the end in Michigan. Even the co-creator of super heroes is not immune. Stan Lee, the co-creator of such beloved characters as Spider-Man and Captain America recently passed away following a long illness. It's not yet known if he left a will or trust but he had many business managers over the years and had disputes and disagreements with them that resulted in their terminations. A possible lack of cohesive estate planning may cause confusion in settling the estate.

It is possible that multiple documents exist regarding the dispensation of his likely considerable estate. One example involves a dispute he had with his daughter. He apparently complained that she was spending too much money and he had a document drawn up and notarized. A short time later, he took the document back.

The real estate market is healthy in northern Michigan

Grand Traverse County, Michigan, and surrounding areas continues to be healthy environment for buying and selling property. Prices of single family homes in the region have largely seen an increase. The number of homes available has largely gone up while there has been a decrease in average days on the market (DOM). This all points to continued health in the real estate market.

In Grand Traverse County, the number of sales have increased from 158 in September 2017 to 178 in September 2018. In addition to the number of homes sold, the median sale price has also increased. The average sale price for the area increased from $288,861 in 2017 to $302,911 in 2018. The average DOM saw a slight decrease from 113 in 2017 to 102 in 2018. These figures all reflect September numbers for each year.

Affects of divorce on children can be tempered with co-parenting

People will agree that the best family situation for young children is to have both parents involved in a child's life. In the event of a divorce, this is not always easily accomplished. Involvement by both parents can contribute to improved academic performance and reduced behavior issues. This can be accomplished regardless of whether both parents live in the same house or not.

Michigan organizations are leading efforts to assist dads who may be facing the challenges of parenting in the aftermath of a divorce. These organizations work to help parents cope with the financial and emotional strains that can accompany a family breakup. Dads can come together and learn about services that are available and parenting options that can be applied to maintain strong connections with their children following a divorce.

A driver's mistake could mean a DUI arrest for the other driver

Not every crash involving a drunk driver was the fault of the one who had been drinking before driving. Under Michigan law, that fact does not absolve the legally impaired driver of responsibility for drinking and driving. Even if the other driver receives a citation for the accident, the other driver could face a DUI arrest if police suspect him or her of driving under the influence.

For example, a recent collision resulted in the arrest of one driver, but he may not have been responsible for the crash itself. According to reports, a 21-year-old man supposedly drove a vehicle westbound on U.S. Highway 41 just before 9:30 p.m. on a recent Wednesday night. Another vehicle, driven by a 20-year-old man, pulled out in front of the other driver from a parking lot. The two vehicles collided.