Do Not Lose Your Driver's License

You can keep your license in most cases. There are a number of ways to reinstate a license. Our attorneys are experienced in negotiating with the court about your charges, how appeals proceedings work and Driver's License Appeal Division requirements for license retention.

When you are charged with a DUI/OWI, your license suspension and misdemeanor or felony charges are handled in two different processes. The court will decide your criminal penalties, but the secretary of state is responsible for your license. This also means that the appeals process for your license is different than the appeals process for a conviction.

Lawyers at Alward Fisher Rice Rowe & Graf have helped clients in Traverse City and across Michigan and the Midwest keep their licenses after being charged with OVI.

Potential Suspensions Can Seriously Interfere With Your Life

Driver's license suspensions vary based on the severity of your charges and the circumstances around your case. The chart below can help you understand some of the consequences involved.

ChargeFineJail TimeCommunity ServiceLicense Consequence
Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) - 1st Time OffenseUp to $500Up to 93 daysUp to 360 hours30 days suspension and 150 days restriction
Operating While Visibly Impaired (OWVI)- 1st Time OffenseUp to $300Up to 93 daysUp to 360 hours150 days restriction
OWI or OWVI - 2nd OffenseUp to $1,000Up to 1 year30-90 daysMinimum 1 year revocation
OWI or OWVI - 3rd OffenseUp to $5,000Up to 5 years60-180 daysMinimum 5 year revocation

It is important to note that your particular charge may have other consequences. Our attorneys can help you understand the full ramifications of your case.

We Can Get Your License Back

To have one of our attorneys look at your case and explain your license reinstatement options, call our offices. Our legal team is ready to answer your questions. Email us or reach out to us by phone at 231-668-9836 to discuss how to keep your driver's license after a drunk driving arrest.